Wekiva Falls Splash & Dash on Fox35 with My Husband!

This morning Tim was asked to be a part of a group demonstrating some obstacles for the upcoming Wekiva Falls Splash & Dash in Central Florida along with some other crossfitters from FitN30. This is a family friendly event with no barbed wire or electric shocks! Set in a park on the beautiful Wekiva River […]

Thunder Challenge? Just another mud race?

A lot of races SAY their military inspired, but this one really is! Thunder Challenge is a 10k course designed by Navy Seals and Special Forces and simulates a day of military training. They also hire military veterans and wounded warrriors on their staff and donate a portion of event proceeds to Project Sanctuary, which […]

The Top 5 Obstacle Racing Essentials

Wow, is obstacle racing going mainstream? Outside Magazine wrote a great article on the top 5 things you need to take the gold in your next challenge race. (I wish I had this info before MY first race! They cover tips on: Food Clothing Shoes Race-Day Pack Attitude Go check it out! Great Article! Here’s […]

Man Dies at Mud Run in Texas

Not sure of all the details, but there’s a few lessons here for all of our mud-runners. -Run with a buddy or a group of friends… it’s more fun and definately safer -Don’t do what you’re not capable of… if you can’t swim, don’t enter a race with a swimming portion, if you don’t feel […]