Training Tips

Whether it’s your first obstacle race or your 10th, you still want to make sure you’re prepared for your next race! You’ll have more fun and be less likely of getting injured.

We’ve written some training tips for you!

Race Length Races vary anywhere from 3 miles to 12 or more, so the first thing to make sure is that you are able to run that distance without obstacles. If you have never run any distance races before, there are several resources for you:

    -local running stores often run clinics for new runners
    -there are tons of books available with training tips for your first race
    -find a buddy! go to or ask your friends on Facebook!

Trail Running Most of the running you’ve probably done in the past has been on hard surface like sidewalks or city trails. Running on dirt, grass, sand and mud is completely different and actually takes both a lot more stamina AND a lot more care to watch where you’re stepping because of roots, holes and rocks. Find some local parks that have trails for you to run on (check your local county parks and recreation page for trails… sometimes horse trails are a great fit!)

Upper Body Strength A lot of the obstacles have to do with climbing and upper body strength. It is a great help to work with exercises like pushups, planks, bicep curls, pullups and other staples. You don’t necessarily have to join an expensive gym, however if you’re serious about success I’ve found that Crossfit training can be a great way to prepare you.

Obstacle Practice Do some research on the race you’re registered for… check out their website and youtube videos to see some examples of their obstacles. Then get creative with your training! There’s usually a lot of crawling under barbed-wire or through tubes… get down in your back yard and crawl! Need practice climbing things? Go to your local playground, they usually have different walls and nets you can practice on. Water crossings? Find a waist-deep stream and practice walking in the water… it’s completely different with shoes on, so practice like you’ll run! Really want a head start on success? Find a local Parkour or Freerunning club in your area and take a few lessons!

Jumping Usually there are several obstacles where you are jumping OVER things… over fire, over cars, over tires, over hay bales… find your inner child and get out there and jump! Practice “Precisions” which means you are jumping onto a specific spot like a landscape timber or a square drawn with chalk on your driveway. Remember to bend your knees and absorb the shock! (tip: don’t wave your arms to balance… move your hips front to back for stability.